Partners In Team Travel, LLC

Hotel Booking Procedures
  1. Review the different hotel options, amenities and distances to fields to decide on your top seven hotel choices:
    HOTEL INFO      Distance Chart      Distance Chart (sortable)
  2. Register your team for housing using the secure Online Registration Form
  3. After submitting your registration form, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your registration.
  4. Partners In Team Travel will then email you, the team coordinator, a housing contract for one of the hotels.
    (If one of your choices is not available, we will contact you to help you select another hotel.)
  5. Sign and return the housing contract to Partners In Team Travel by email, fax or mail.
  6. Submit a rooming list, including credit cards, using the secure Online Rooming List Form OR your team can submit
    credit card info individually using the secure Online Individual Room Guarantee Form
  7. If you or your team need to add, cancel, or change information for a reservation, use the secure Online Change Page.
  8. Partners In Team Travel will periodically email you, the team coordinator, a rooming list including any changes made.
  9. Partners In Team Travel will send you, the team coordinator, confirmation numbers from the hotel for you to distribute to your team.
  10. See Helpful Hints for helpful hints to better understand the hotel booking procedure.

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